Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"The noblest service in which any human being can spend or be spent."

After many years of the most devastating sufferings as a missionary to the cannibal-filled islands of the New Hebrides (Vanuatu), John G. Paton was more than willing to do the same all over again. Listen to waht he says as he closes the second part of him autobiography, and challenge yourself in light of his words as to how you might best use the rest of your life:
In these, as well as in my own direct labours as a Missionary, I probably have had my full share of "abuse" from the enemies of the Cross, and a not inconsiderable burden of trials and afflictions in the service of my Lord; yet here as I lay down my pen, let me record my immovable conviction that this is the noblest service in which any human being can spend or be spent; and that, if God gave me back my life to be lived over again, I would without one quiver of hesitation lay it on the altar to Christ, that He might use it as before in similar ministries of love, especially amongst those who have never yet heard the Name of Jesus. Nothing that has been endured, and nothing that can now befall me, makes me tremble - on the contrary, I deeply rejoice - when I breathe the prayer that it may please the blessed Lord to turn the hearts of all my children to the Mission Field; and that He may open up their way and make it their pride and joy to live and die in carrying Jesus and His Gospel into the heart of the Heathen world! God gave His best, His Son, to me; and I give back my best, my All, to Him.