Monday, 25 October 2010

My Ground of Acceptance

Where do you look for assurance that you, a sinner, are accepted before God? The Scottish minister Andrew Bonar wrote these words in his diary the day after his birthday in 1855:
Yesterday was my birthday. This has led me to set apart some time to-day in the wood for prayer and meditation. O how I wonder now at the Lord's long-suffering, and the sovereign grace that drew me from many waters! If there is one thing for which I bless the Lord more than another, it is this, that He has so far opened my eyes to see that Christ pleases the Father to the full, and that this is my ground of acceptance. I look and look again at this sight. It was the Lord who kindled that burning bush, and it is the Lord who draws me out to look upon that great sight, and in that great sight I live.
So where do we look? The only ground of our acceptance before a holy God is the perfect righteousness of Christ. There is nothing in us that can grant us such acceptance. If we start to look to ourselves we easily start to distort the gospel. Our acceptance before God is grounded in Christ alone and nothing else. Therefore, let us daily be looking to him and nothing else.