Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spurgeon on Suffering: Part 2

In Part One of this series we saw that what kept Spurgeon going in the midst of his many sufferings was the truth that the sovereign hand of God lay behind all that he went through. He recognised that nothing had come upon him that had not been permitted by his Heavenly Father, he says that they were "sent to me by his arrangement of their weight and quantity".
Following on from this, Spurgeon also knew that such afflictions were not sent to him without purpose, God had ordained them for a reason. Whilst he did not enjoy suffering, and did seek to avoid it, he also knew that when it did come upon him it came as part of God's good purposes for him and for others. He says:

"I dare say the greatest earthly blessing that God can give to any of us is health, with the exception of sickness ... If some men, that I know of could only be favoured with a month of rheumatism, it would, by God's grace mellow them marvelously"

I am indebted to John Piper's biographical sketch of Suprgeon for much of this information and for pointing me to these quotes of Spurgeon. See: www.desiring god.org/ResourceLibrary/Biographies/1469_Charles_Spurgeon_Preaching_Through_Adversity/