Monday, 11 October 2010

The Key to Studying the Bible

What is the key to understanding the Scriptures? When we sit down to study the Bible, either in a quiet time, or in preparation to teach it, what is the key that will unlock all of the glorious treasures within?
Listen to what the great reformer Martin Luther has to say:
That the Holy Scriptures cannot be penetrated by study and talent is most certain. Therefore your first duty is to begin to pray, and to pray to this effect that if it please God to accomplish something for His glory—not for yours or any other person's—He very graciously grant you a true understanding of His words. For no master of the divine words exists except the Author of these words, as He says: 'They shall be all taught of God' [John 6:45]. You must, therefore, completely despair of your own industry and ability and rely solely on the inspiration of the Spirit.
Therefore, let us be those who come before the word of God on our knees, begging for mercy, begging that He might grant us opened eyes, unstopped ears and soft hearts by His Spirit. For if He does not, the Bible will remain a closed book to us, no matter how great our learning or intellect.