Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tuesday Teaching: Don't Waste Your Life (Part 1)

In order to encourage Christ-exalting thinking and living we post, once a week, video of great Bible teaching from various preachers. God has given His church the gifts of some great teachers, and many of these resources are avaliable free on the internet - well worth making the most of. It is very important that we understand that the primary place we should be fed from the Bible is in our local church under the faithful week in week out preaching of our own pastor, who knows us, and sourrounded by our brothers and sisters to hold us accountable and encourage us to live out these truths. No internet resources can replace this. Yet God has also provided the worldwide church with the resources of other godly pastors which we can access throught the internet, and these can be a great way to continue to spur us on to gospel centred thinking and living.

This next series of Tuesday Teaching posts is a series of talks by John Piper at a 'Desiring God' conference in 2008 called 'Don't Waste Your Life'. Here is the first talk in the series: