Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Rich Abundance

In Luke 14 Jesus uses the image of a banquet to describe the kingdom. The offer of the gospel is an offer to come and feast at a rich and abundant banquet. Here's what J. C. Ryle has to say, commenting on verses 15-24, on why the offer of the gospel is likened to an invitation to a banquet:
The Gospel contains a full supply of everything that sinners need in order to be saved. We are all naturally starving, empty, helpless, and ready to perish. Forgiveness of all sin, and peace with God, - justification of the person, and sanctification of the heart, - grace by the way, and glory in the end, - are the gracious provision which God has prepared for the wants of our souls. There is nothing that sin-laden hearts can wish, or weary consciences require, which is not spread before men in rich abundance in Christ.
Taken from J. C. Ryle's  'Expository Thoughts on Luke'.