Friday, 18 March 2011

Who Are Your Prophets?

Taking a break from Hell just for one moment to consider the following question:


Over the last while I have been reminded of the importance of having people around you who have the insight and the permission to speak into your life. 
Those precious people who tell you to stop and think, who call you out on something sinful and who encourage you with signs of fruit.

True prophets are not 'yes-men', rather they are those who love you enough to grab you by the scruff and say the hard thing. That you need to stop and think, that you need to repent, that you need to consider another angle.


Who are the people who speak the promises of God into your life? Who, when you fail bring the gospel to bear, reminding you of the greatness of your saviour and pressing you to rejoice and not to wallow.

When I know I've messed up the last thing I want to do is pray, I want to wallow in self pity and shut myself away. My prophets force me to pray even as they pray for me; what an important ministry that is!

I am exceedingly grateful to my prophets for saying the hard things and for bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on my life. Additionally I am privileged to be able to be that for them when the time arises!

So again I will ask:

And who are the people who have opened their heart to you and allowed you to prayerfully speak truth and godly counsel to them?