Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How You Can Pray for Japan

Over at the Gospel Coalition John Starke has posted a report from a missionary in Japan. She gives a helpful and moving account of the state of things in Japan, the effect that the earthquake has had on the work of the gospel there, and how we can best be praying. One of the things which particulary struck me is her clear gospel shaped attitude to her work in Japan, she says:
My unbelieving family say in “love” that I should leave Japan for the United States because I have some contacts there. They assume that our goal for life is to physically preserve ourselves. But we know that our true goal is to die to the idol of self-preservation, and to be raised into God’s preservation, which is destined to victory... [What my family] cannot understand or accept is the fact that I see and taste the happiness that is given through the atoning cross of Christ. I came to Japan to die to all my self-dignity to live for Christ who loves to rescue his enemies, who alone can make me filled with all that I could hope for and far more.
You can read Starke's article by clicking here.