Thursday, 17 February 2011

Immeasurable Breadth and Unfathomable Depth

Where do you find your satisfaction? All of us are seeking satisfaction somewhere. The only place where we shall find inexhaustible satisfaction is in Christ. This is what the Scottish minister Andrew Bonar recognised. On the 18th Febuary 1871 he wrote these words in his diary:
I find my Lord and Saviour more and more satisfying to my soul. In very deed He is all my salvation and all my desire. I am like a man standing upon the shore of the ocean and seeing that it has immeasurable breadth and unfathomable depth, so that I cannot search it out.
Almost four years later on 6th December 1874 he again wrote:
Christ is more than ever precious to me in His atonement, righteousness, merit, heart. Nothing else satisfies me. I only yearn to know Him better, and preach Him more fully. His Cross and His Crown never lose their attractiveness. Day by day He is my rest, my heaven.
Let us then ever seek and long to know the Lord Jesus better. He shall never lose His attractiveness. He shall never cease to be infinitely satisfying.