Friday, 16 March 2012

" was all the gift of God."

With tomorrow being St. Patrick's day, I thought I'd post something that I put up last year to remind us of the real Patrick:

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Patrick was one of the greatest missionaries that ever lived. He sacrificed his life to bring the gospel to Ireland. To celebrate Paddy's day here are some words from the man himself.

In a letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus he said these words about his mission to the Irish people:
I have traded in my homeland, my family, and my very life for them - even if it means my death. If I am worthy, I will devote the rest of my days to teaching the Irish - even if some of you beyond this island despise me.
At the end of his Confession, which recounts his conversion, life and ministry, he says these words about all that he had accomplished:
My final prayer is that all of you who believe in God and respect him - whoever you may be who read this letter that Patrick the unlearned sinner wrote from Ireland - that none of you will ever say that I in my ignorance did anything for God. You must understand - because it is the truth - that it was all the gift of God.
May God be gracious to us and raise up more men and women like this, those who are willing to give up their own comfort, reputation and lives to serve the gospel. May He grant us those who at the end of it all say, "I did nothing for God, it was all of His grace."