Monday, 21 November 2011

Yesterday's Sermon

About now most of us will be settling back into the routine of another Monday morning, and adjusting to another week's work after the weekend. No doubt Sunday already seems like a long time ago. In light of this it is worth asking ourselves: 'What am I doing with yesterday's sermon?'

J. C. Ryle makes us ask ourselves some helpful questions:
There are thousands who listen regularly to the preaching of the Gospel, and admire it while they listen. They do not dispute the truth of what they hear. They even feel a kind of intellectual pleasure in hearing a good and powerful sermon. But their religion never goes beyond this point. Their sermon-hearing does not prevent them living a life of thoughtlessness, worldliness, and sin.

Let us often examine ourselves on this important point. Let us see what practical effect is produced on our hearts and lives by the preaching which we profess to like. Does it lead us to true repentance towards God, and lively faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ? Does it excite us to weekly efforts to cease from sin, and to resist the devil? These are the fruits which sermons ought to produce, if they are really doing us good. Without such fruit, a mere barren admiration is utterly worthless. It is no proof of grace. It will save no soul.