Monday, 1 August 2011

Being a Loser Without Being a Loser

Following Jesus involves being a loser. It may mean being counted as a loser by others, and therefore losing our reputation. It may mean losing family or friends as they disown you. It may mean losing a job, as has happened recently to Christians in the medical profession all in the name of 'religious tolerance'. It many parts of the world it may mean losing your life.

Yet, however much of a loser we appear to be as a Christian, the reality is that in Christ we are not losers. In fact, we are the opposite, we are gainers. Listen to these words by J. C. Ryle on Matthew 19:29:
We may rest assured that no person shall ever be a real loser by following Christ. The believer may seem to suffer loss for a time, when they first begin the life of a decided Christian. They may be cast down by the afflictions that are brought upon them on account of their religion. But let them be rest assured that they will never find themselves a loser in the long run. Christ can raise up friends for us who shall more than compensate for those we lose. Christ can open hearts and homes to us, far more warm and hospitable than those that are closed against us. Above all, Christ can give us peace of conscience, inward joy, bright hopes, and happy feelings, which shall far outweigh every pleasant earthly thing that we have cast away for His sake. He has pledged His royal word that it shall be so. None ever found that word fail. Let us trust it, and not be afraid.