Thursday, 7 April 2011

Contented With Singleness

Contentment in Christ does not come without a battle. This means that, if we are single, we need to fight for contentment in being a single man or woman. One of the greatest helps that I have had in this fight for contentment as a single man has been the encouragement of those who've been fighting this battle for many more years than I have. Older brothers and sisters in Christ, who have been life-long singles, and who have used their singleness to the glory of God in the service of the gospel, have provided invaluable help in this fight.

Recently I came across a seminar given a while ago by two of the people who have personally been a huge encouragement to me in this way. Jonathan Fletcher and Jane Leggett gave a seminar entitled Contented with Singleness at St. Andrew the Great church in Cambridge. Jonathan serves as the vicar of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon and Jane serves as the women's worker there. Both of them have been lifelong singles, and are a great example of using singleness to serve the work of the gospel. I thank God for their lives and ministries, and for the opportunity to have served with them on the staff team of Emmanuel for two years.

May I commend this seminar to you, especially if you are a single man or woman, and encourage you to take the time to listen to this. It is saturated with the Bible, greatly realistic, and both challenging and encouraging. It will be a great help in the battle for contentment, and a spur to use your singleness to honour Jesus and serve His people. You can listen by clicking here.